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The Ultimate Team Building Formula is jam-packed with all the information you need to successfully create and build the long-term team environment necessary in the field of home-based business to maximize profits. Once you are able to do this, consistently, you can build any business, with any product and be positioned to guarantee your own residual income increase.

I wrote this book to provide home-based business entrepreneurs with the exact step-by-step actions you need to build the team you know is possible. If you put my advice into action you can have the Ultimate Team inside of your company that is self-sustaining and that grows by leaps and bounds starting today!

Hear what others have said about this book:

"Tracey has been a queen at building communities, implementing systems and creating a
culture that expands beyond a product! Her training, guidance and leadership has been unlike anything I've ever seen in this industry, and as a result of her amazing leadership, I've been able to build a 6 Figure per year business consistently for the past few years thanks to the systems she brilliantly put in place for our community!!" Nicole S. Cooper

“As a mentee of the author, Tracey Walker, this is the truest, most practical blueprint in building massive organizations in the home business niche. If you want to learn how to inspire your group, lead by example. Tracey Walker certainly overdelivers in presenting this formula. How do you get droves of people raving about one vision? Read the pages of this masterpiece! You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be inspired to go take massive action." Roger Silvera

"In my business the "team" is everything. I was searching for a way to stop the lack of retention on my team. It seemed like a person would join and quit.. join and quit.. and my search lead me to this book. As I read it, I implemented each technique. Now my team members are hanging around, because they are connected in a way I never thought possible. If you are ready to really hold on to your team! This book will make that happen. Keep Smiling" Shalonda Gordon

"In all areas of life, the ability to develop and sustain cooperating teams of people is a tremendously important skill set. Before receiving this information, I felt as though there were pieces of the puzzle that I was missing. Tracey cracked the safe open revealing everything I needed to know to create a team based on loyalty and trust. Since accessing this info I have been able to apply these strategies in my business as well as in my community. It's great to have a formula that just works over and over again."
Renee' Fouche'

"I felt like I've been struggling for so long trying to lead my team but I was missing something. Until reading Dr. Walker's book I didn't realize what that was. Thanks to this book, I am FINALLY starting to see my team flourish and my business is getting results.
Thank you Dr. Walker!!" Cheryl Washington

"When I started my journey as an entrepreneur I never really thought about or realized the huge impact of building a team would have on my income until I ran across this information that Tracey Walker laid out in this book. The step by step formula she has introduced in this book once applied and implemented actually works!!! When I started to implement each step in this book I started to see a shift in my team, my retention rate and now my vision for helping as many people as possible is coming to fruition all because I followed the strategies in the book. This book is a must have if you are ready to build not only a team but a community of people who are loyal, have the same vision and goals for success!!!" Lori Robertson

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What You'll Recieve:

Not only will my 7-steps to building the most duplicable and lucrative team instill within you the exact methodology to create a team in ANY business, promoting ANY product, the practical approach to how to do it is so simple a 12 year old could do it!

From these 7-steps you will discover:

  • My FREE strategy on how to create a “home-base” for your team that is exclusive and where you can cultivate the culture you desire
  • How to select and keep  a leaders council to help you build and stimulate your team from within your organization
  • Formulate a basic plan of action that helps get all of your new team members on board with your training and system exactly the same way so everyone comes through the same front door
  • How to brand your team and your style for maximum exposure and respect in the marketplace
  • And so much more!

In addition, throughout the book, the most essential key traits that bind all of these steps together, such as leadership principles, qualities, personal development and inspirational quotes from many names you know and love are discussed.

"Since being personally mentored by and working with Tracey Walker, I've gone from making hardly in any money in my business to becoming a six figure earner online building multiple successful brands. Her leadership and ability to help people bring out the best in themselves, combined with her compassion, selflessness. and true desire to help others is a quality you don't find on many. I have been blessed to not only call her a mentor, but a sister and friend. Should you be presented the opportunity to work with her, by all means TAKE IT, learn, apply, and grow." 
Apple Daniels

“Tracey Walker is first class. Having been under her leadership she is focused on everyone winning, always providing value and runs a team like a well oiled machine. She is a Sergeant.... but with a heart that sets an intention, to inspire others into their greatness. Tracey is a true leader. " Caity Hunt

"I'm someone that was very new to team building and when I discovered this jewel from Tracey, my business skyrocketed. The information is real, practical and can be applied immediately! I highly recommend anyone in the direct sales niche to not only read this information but immediately implement it in your business and watch what happens! Prepare for duplication!! Thanks Tracey!"Christopher Harold

"Dr. Tracey Walker is incredible with presentation and explanation. This book offered life-long lessons for any business when building a team. As a traditional small business owner I had partner and employee retention concerns. Once I followed the steps (the formula) presented I saw a change in my "team's" attitude and loyalty. Seemed like an overnight fix but in reality, I simply used the playbook as written. I applied "THE FORMULA" to my business model and ended up with a TEAM of people working for a common goal which exceeded my expectations. Easily A MUST READ for any and every business owner/entrepreneur that long to host a effective team culture filled with successful members! It is the ULTIMATE!." La Tanya Roquemore

"Tracey Walker's The Ultimate Team Building Formula, is a must-have for entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a SOLID community with vision, structure and support that not only creates success for you, but also lifts up and builds leaders within your organization from the ground up. The tips in this book will turn what seems like a complicated process into a simple to read no-brainer recipe for success and longevity in the home-based business industry. If you are ready to make an impact in your business, you MUST have this book in your arsenal!" Valentino Crawford, Jr

"This step-by-step process laid out in this book brought back my faith to running a home business. Before I got my hand on this book, I was honestly beginning to believe that there was 0% retention rate with home businesses where you have to recruit, but this book deleted ALL of the myths. There is a 'science' to keeping a team around forever; and since implementing these steps into my own business, I FINALLY discovered not only how to sustain building and keeping a large team around with less hands-on work; I discovered how to get an endless flow of prospects chasing me down instead wanting to join my business since I created a STRONG foundation that everyone already on the inside were raving about. Thank you Tracey Walker, you changed my business and my life!" Brian Cain

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